Keeping it creative in times of lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic took over our everyday life since March 2020. Uncertainty then loomed in all sectors. Health worries for the elderly. Children can’t go to school. Social contact and entertainment are almost non-existent. Fashion trends are suddenly unimportant, but the face mask became the must-have accessory.

How are we going to adapt to this ‘new normal? How are we going to thrive during this time? This is what we all ask.

Meanwhile, we at The File Style…

So, what are two journalists to do with a fashion project in a time of #coronavirus, #lockdown? Well, we keep going online! We want to listen and share how creatives are approaching this time of limitation and thriving in the process…

2 thoughts

    1. Thank you Claudia! We’re just getting started but really hope to grow a community and share these inspirational stories. We’re so grateful for your support. ❤️😍


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