Creatives in lockdown

Meet Ludwig Rondón

By Claudia Falcao

The guitarist and educator, his passion for inspirational Brazilian music and lockdown reflections.

Woven in true colours

By Sandra Porto

Unmasked humanity creates unique tapestry in Janssem Cardoso’s photography.

The reality behind the screens in times of lockdown

By Cláudia Falcão

Belgian Robbie Thielemans talks about his passion for sound and vision-innovation systems. He reveals his fashion choices and thoughts on how Covid-19 killed the means for creativity.

Music and inspiration in lockdown

By Sandra Porto

Singer Andria Antoniou has transformed the way she works during lockdown and has emerged stronger than ever.

Style and identity

By Cláudia Falcão

Journalist Sandra Porto loves being around things that inspire her. With those, a story is told which compose her identity.

Keeping it creative in times of lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic took over our everyday life since March 2020. Uncertainty then loomed in all sectors. Health worries for the elderly. Children can’t go to school. Social contact and entertainment are almost non-existent. Fashion trends are suddenly unimportant, but the face mask became the must-have accessory. How are we going to adapt to this ‘new…

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